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Non-hired NRSRO

In accordance with Securities Exchange Commission Rule 240.17g-5, Ford Motor Credit Company LLC (Ford Credit) has made the information described in paragraphs (a)(3)(iii)(C) and (D) of this section available at an identified password-protected Internet website.


Please follow the instructions below to access Ford Credit's password-protected Internet website (My Docs Online) where the ABS transaction information is available.

    1. Complete the fields referenced in the NON-HIRED NRSRO INFORMATION ACCESS REQUEST FORM below, and then click the Submit button.
    2. Within 24 hours after submitting your request form, you will receive an e-mail requesting your non-hired NRSRO's Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) certificate as well as proof evidencing your SEC certificate was submitted to the SEC.
    3. If you do not receive an e-mail within 24 hours of submitting the form, please resubmit your information by clicking on the NON-HIRED NRSRO INFORMATION ACCESS REQUEST FORM and completing the form.
    4. Upon completion of steps 1, 2, and 3 (if applicable), a My Docs User ID and password will be e-mailed to you.
    5. Access to My Docs Online is only good for the calendar year. Passwords for My Docs Online user IDs created through the calendar year will reset on January 1st of the following year. To obtain access to My Docs Online after January 1st, you will be required to submit a new SEC certificate for the new calendar year.
    6. In order to access the ABS transaction information located on the My Docs Online Internet website you will be required to agree to the Site Access Confidentiality and Terms of Use.
    7. If you need your My Docs Online password reset or require access to new ABS transaction information (and already have a My Docs Online user ID and know your password), complete the NON-HIRED NRSRO INFORMATION ACCESS REQUEST FORM below.

Non-Hired NRSRO Information Access Request Form

To obtain the information associated with a Ford Credit ABS transaction, the below information must be completed in order to start the My Docs Online (Ford Credit's information storage password-protected internet website) user ID and password creation process:

* Required fields

NRSRO Company Information

Contact Information

Once all of the required fields have been completed, please click on the Submit button to begin My Docs Online user ID and password creation process

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